Chennai , story of a sea beach and a broken bridge

After a long time I was back in Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu. Chennai , charm-full in it’s own way  , is a city with excellent beaches, old heritages and of course the idilidhosas.
Besantnagar is one such beach in Chennai . When we reached there in the afternoon in the scorching heat of Chennai , the sea welcomed us with it’s sweet sound of wave and cool breeze.

Besantnagar Sea Chennai

Besantnagar Sea Chennai

But our destination was not the beach , we started walking towards the Adyar River .

Besantnagar Beach

Besantnagar Beach

When we finally we reached the end we were greeted by a Broken Bridge.

BesantNagar Broken Bridge

Besantnagar Broken Bridge

A bridge that leads to no where . The bridge spans across the Adyar River, bordering the back end of the Theosophical Society. During the year 1977, the bridge partly collapsed due to strong currents of the river, and has never been repaired.

Broken Bridge view

The Broken Bridge view

The bridge provides a spectacular view of the metro over Adyar River. On the other side lies a serene beach.

Besantnagar Beach

Besantnagar Beach

After Dark we walked back to the main beach area and enjoyed our cup of coffee on the beach looking over the sea and sea of colorful people.

Besantnagar Barista view

Besantnagar Barista view



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