Nainital , the lake city

Nainital is a lake city situated on the foothills of the Kumayun Himalaya. The magnificent Himalaya guards the city from all the sides.  The city is built around a beautiful lake named Naini. The lake is named after Nainadevi.  The legends say three Rishis dug this lake upon finding no water in the mountain.

Nainital view

The Misty mountains that lies around Nainital Offers a spectacular treat to the eyes.

Nainital at Night

Nainital at Night

The reflection of the city lights on the lake makes the view amazing at night.

The trees and the clean sky

The trees and the clean sky

If you are visiting this place in winter , you will sure be surprised the clean blue sky that greets you every morning.

The City

The city

The city is a hotspot of education and tourism. Hundreds of Educational institutes and thousands of hotels can be founded in different steps of the mountains

Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake


With the first rays of the sun the lakes welcomes you with pastel plate of colors.


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