Khirai, a small river

Bengal is probably the other name of beauty in simplicity. The poet has portrayed rural Bengal as as shy as newly married bride, as beautiful as a teenage girl.

On a lazy afternoon we decided to make a Trip to Khirai, a small village in Bengal, situated on the bank of the river of the same name.

Way to KGP railway Station

Way to KGP railway Station

The sun was still up when we started our journey. We reached Kharagpur railway station and took a local train to Khirai.

Khirai River

Khirai River

The River welcomed us. This river is mainly fed by rain water.  We started walking on the banks of the river.

Way back home

Way back home

Flower Farmer

Flower Farmer

The main occupation of the villagers are farming. This being end of winter flowers are in high demand.

A village market

A village market

At the end of the day people start gathering around the market to shop for their daily needs, also for their daily bit of gossip in the nearest Chai shop.

the everyday journey

The everyday journey





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