Ghatshila is located in Jharkhand. The beauty and serenity of this place attracted thousands of tourists until recent Maoist Problems.Famous Bengali author Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhay used to live here .

Mountain Range ghatshila

Mountain Range

Burudi Lake is one of the most important attractions of the area.

Burudi Lake

Burudi Lake

Burudi Lake

Burudi Lake

Subarnarekha river separates this place from Musabani. The river bed is full of white stones .The stones create heavenly beauty under refelected moonlight in Raatmohona






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  1. Combination of natural beauty and nice photography !

  2. Very nice mood-refreshers indeed…. great photos Arpan 🙂

    Ghatshila, one of Bibhuti Bhushan’s favorite places, created the background for a number of events that took place in the novel ‘Kajol’, written by Taradas Bandyopadhyay, the son of Bibhuti Bhushan. ‘Kajol’ was the son of the well-known character ‘Apu’ – who used to give birth to his literary creations while sitting on a stone by the side of the river Subarnarekha; the very same place where he breathed his last as per the novel. In reality, Bibhuti Bhushan, the creator of ‘Apu’, also spent the last few days of his life at Ghatshila.

    Due to the current Maoist problems which now prevent tourists to visit, please have a look at the photos to get a glimpse of this wonderful place.

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