Kausani, the Switzerland of India

Kausani , is a small village located in Uttarakhand. It offers a spectacular 300 km panoramic view of  the Himalayas. The name Switzerland of India was given by none other than Mahatma Gandhi during his stays in Anasakti Asram in Kausani.

Sunrise - Kausani

Sunrise – Kausani

The first golden touch of the sun rays in the misty mountain.

The midday beauty -Kausani

The midday beauty -Kausani

All the main peaks of Nandadevi range is visible . The nearest one being Trishul. We can also see the highest peak of the Himalaya in India, Nandadevi.

The afternoon colors -Kausani

The afternoon colors -Kausani



The heavenly colors in the sky of the setting sun.



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  1. Lovely photos!!
    Keep up the good work. And amazing colors as well!

  2. where is the fb like button ??

  3. excellent Arpan!! keep it up and share more and more!!

  4. Fcuk,I was so near to it yet did not visit. Feeling like chewing my foot off.

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